Ideal storage for your luggage, just 4 minutes walking from Amsterdam Central Station!

Picture this: you’re in Amsterdam but you have many hours to wait... Do you really want to carry your luggage with you, all these hours? Sure? In that case this site won’t be interesting for you!

However, there might be a small chance that you would like to get rid of all these bags and suitcases. In that case: leave them at EazyDrop and experience that wonderful feeling of total freedom!

Your luggage storage in Amsterdam!

At EazyDrop we offer:


It’s simple we have 3 *daily rates:

Please contact us if you want to store your luggage for a longer time.


Terms & Conditions

1. The prices for usage of the luggage storage are fixed on €5,- , €8,- and €10,- per item, depending on the size of the item. Items including content, should not have a total value above €500,-

EazyDrop cannot not be held responsible for damage or missing items with a higher value than €500,-.

2. Luggage will be kept for a maximum of 3 months. Without an agreement or notification of the owner the luggage will be removed after this period.

3. EazyDrop is justified to check the content of the items. EazyDrop can refuse items that are too valuable, too big or have possible dangerous content. The user safeguards EazyDrop against damage which is caused by (the content of) the items put in storage.

4. Per item EazyDrop will provide 1 receipt. Return of the items will only take place after handing over the receipt to an employee of EazyDrop. The same rules apply for temporary return of the items.

5. In case of a lost ticket EazyDrop will need a matching ID that has been used when the item was stored. In case of a lost ticket and no ID EazyDrop cannot be held responsible for the consequences and will take time after closing hours or at a suitable time to find the item.

6. EazyDrop will take good care of the stored items, but cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur.

7. With exception of damages caused on purpose or by serious negligence caused by EazyDrop, EazyDrop cannot be held responsible for damages to the stored item. Responsibility for consequential damages is excluded. The liability of EazyDrop is limited to €500,- per item (including content) at any time.

8. Usage of the storage facility is always at risk of the user. Title 9 of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Law concerning ‘custody’ (bewaarneming) is not applicable for the agreement between EazyDrop and the user of the Luggage storage.